Thanks guys.


Today was one of those days. They only happen maybe 3 times a year for me. It’s when everything that has happened to me throughout my life piles up and I feel like there’s no way I’m going to make it through the day. This time of the year is really rough for my family and I found myself unable to sleep then waking up every hour last night because I kept on thinking about my dad. Waking up this morning was hard but I somehow managed to get myself to work… then shit hit the fan

Without getting into details of my day, just trust me that it was bad… really bad and I either needed to cheer up or run out of the building, grab the first flight to CT and give up. I hate to waste a day that could be spent happy… so when I realized that this day was turning sour, I asked my friends to post stuff to make me happy on Facebook & they definitely delivered… I had 27 different posts with something in them that made me smile – the day was not wasted. 

I just feel so fucking blessed. How did I get so lucky? What did I do in my life to possibly deserve these friends? Not sure… but one thing I do know is that everyone should have people like my friends in their life. Someone who will send you a video of a monkey riding a pig backwards, pictures of a baby posing with a dog and spit their best (worst) pickup line. My coworkers definitely delivered too… practically rolling up their sleeves, taking out their hoop earrings and getting ready for a fight.

You have to find the people like this in life. The people who will have your back no matter what you may find yourself up against. Ones who can vouch for your character when your reputation is being trashed before your eyes. Those friends who will distract you, if even for a moment, from the hellhole you’ve found yourself in. I felt like I was assembling a dream team… I had my friends posting funny things, ones posting inspirational tidbits & others giving me some music to chill out to… then coworkers who got mad for me, others who talked me through the next rational step with a clear mindset & others who made me realize that I wasn’t the problem in this situation. 

I felt like Maria in the Sound of Music “Somewhere in my youth or childhood, I must have done something good”. I don’t know what good I did to get these people on my team, but I’m fucking honored and blessed that they are.

Seriously, I love you all… and I’m so happy to have you in my life. Thank you for today.

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