To live a creative life, we must lose our fear


Writing is pretty selfish. At least to me it is. I mean this whole blog is just me pushing my ideas out into the universe.

That’s why I hesitated for so long to share my writing with everyone. It wasn’t until I felt like I really needed to scream out my thoughts that I finally gave in. I was so sick of seeing the 20-somethings in my life push out depressing shit and felt a sudden need to lighten things up so I shared 20 ways to be happy and things just took off. 18 posts, 2,290 views and 14 countries later and I guess people like reading it… so I keep going.

When I was a sophomore in high school I had an honors English teacher who was really frustrated with me. We had a poetry section and I kind of killed it… I cranked out some of my best work. She practically begged me to publish but I refused. I thought that my poetry was just a way for me to express how I felt. It was selfish work & people wouldn’t understand it. She assured me that others could be comforted as well. It took me three years before I would share anything with the public… when I was a senior I entered a poetry slam. I only entered because it was required for my class & I was nervous as hell to read to an audience. I walked away with second place & had three of my poems published.

The point of my rant is that I finally realized that people can benefit from my thoughts. From your thoughts. There are other people out in the world who are wondering if they’re alone in their thinking… who are yearning for someone to confirm that they’re not the only ones going through tough times. Does it seem selfish to me still? Yeah, a little. I don’t want anyone to get the idea that I think I’m right all the time… or that I’m perfect. I’m definitely not.

I write for myself just as much, if not more, than I do for my followers. All the advice I give out are morsels of lessons I’ve been taught… and am still learning. I still have my days. Oh, do I have my days. I struggle with confidence, sadness and sometimes I feel like I’m completely lost. Writing helps me remember what I need to focus on. It’s like when teachers make you do a presentation for class. They don’t do it because you’re already an expert in the area… they do it because they want to you learn as well. Get it?

Writing is really private to me because it’s so personal. Every post I write is not only a reflection of me and my thoughts but a reflection of what people in my life have taught me… and I really love those people and want their ideas protected. But at some point you have to just say screw it. So what if a few people don’t like it?

So… if you take anything out of this post, it’s this: if you have an idea, or story to tell, or portrait to paint… or whatever the hell you want to do… just do it. Don’t let your fear of what people will think keep you from expressing yourself. It’s no good to keep all your good thoughts locked in your head. Last night I was doing my midnight Pinterest binge and came across this piece of advice:


I couldn’t agree more. Have a happy Tuesday friends.

One thought on “To live a creative life, we must lose our fear

  1. I love this. I’ve always written for myself, and it’s only since starting a blog that I realized the value for other people of sharing my writing. Few things make me happier then making a connection with some other lonely soul, knowing that what I wrote made them feel less alone.

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