Meet the strongest woman I know


I want you all to meet my mom. If you love me, then you love her in return. Because everything I am today is because of her.

My mom is the funniest lady I know. I feel so blessed that I had her as an example growing up. I never thought that women weren’t supposed to be funny… because my family proved that wrong. My mom is silly, strange and definitely dances to the beat of her own drum… but at the same time she’s beautiful and lights up the room. She grew up with six sisters, which means that my entire life I’ve been surrounded by strong, funny and incredible female role models. I’m blessed for that. 

She’s also so unbelievably kind. She sacrifices everything to make sure my brother, sister and I are able to thrive. Everyone loves her… all of our friends look to her as a second mom. They know that no matter what happens in their life, there’s always a warm meal and couch to crash on at Momma T’s.

My dad was my mom’s soulmate. As hard as my dad’s death was on my entire family, I will never understand how my mom was able to survive his loss. They were made for each other. When my dad passed away, my mom’s world was turned upside down. All of a sudden, she was a single mother… and not by choice. While my brother and I were able to be selfish and immature in our grieving process, my mom had to hold down the fort. And trust me, we didn’t make it easy on her.

I don’t think I was ever an easy child. Not that I was bad, I just took a lot of energy to raise. I was one of those creative kids. I was always very active and wouldn’t accept a life that wasn’t busy. Growing up, that took a lot of energy out of my mom. She had to constantly coordinate meals, rides and find the money to pay for all of this. I was also very emotional… but wouldn’t show it. When I was upset, I would refuse to talk to anyone and must have exhausted her. I held everything in then would explode. That’s just how my brother and I dealt with emotions. My mom had to balance the complicated emotions that came with two teenagers who lost a parent unexpectedly on top of her own.

In addition to being a great parent, my mom is an incredible friend. A few years ago, my mom’s college friend was diagnosed with ALS. Although they lived hours away, my mom always found a way to visit and spend time with her. It didn’t matter what they did… as the disease took over her body and she was unable to speak, my mom knew that just sitting there with her was enough. When she passed away, my mom comforted her children with stories of their college days and pictures of their mom in her prime. It couldn’t have been easy but my mom didn’t care. She knew it was the right thing to do. 

She taught me the value of hard work. Life doesn’t come easy to the Taylor’s. She taught me that even when the world is against you and you feel like you’re falling apart, you can still be happy. Work hard and things will fall into place.

Most of all, my mom lets us dream… and I can’t even find the words to thank her for this. I know that it killed her to let me move to Chicago to pursue comedy. But she let me go. Although she may not always agree with everything I do, she supports me 100%. She has my back and is always proud.  I think she knew that I belonged out here… even if that meant that she had to let me go. My life out here isn’t always easy and she gets her fair share of calls home where I break down and question every decision I’ve made in life. But the conversation always ends the same way… she reminds me of why I’m here and lets me know that there will always a room back home if I ever need it. Then she leaves me with the decision on whether to stay in Chicago or go home. She never pressures me either way. I know that my six years out here have caused her too many sleepless nights and she’ll always worry about me. However, she sacrifices her own wants and desires for me. She taught me that we have one shot in this crazy life and it’s ultimately up to us to decide how we should use it.

My mom is a lot of things. She’s fearless, strong, funny, intelligent, kind, gentle, respected, beautiful and wise. And anyone who ever met her would agree. I’m so incredibly proud to be her daughter.

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