the music turns on and i start to sway with it

a steady slow beat

we are told just to move how we feel and not think about it just go with the music

right now i see his face

you do it roccapella i say and give him one last hug goodbye

as he goes off to dj the party

i lose all the connections with the world

as my feet move to the music african tribal chants

slow but meaningful

the music changes to a faster beat

an angry beat with lots of drums  

i go into a mad rage unaware of those surrounding me

i hear screeches and i see a crash

him panicked soon to be lifted by a helicopter

the car completely demolished

my feet take over for my mind as i swing my arms and stomp my feet

then the music changes to a bittersweet song with recorders

as i see him laying in the bed

a neck brace on his neck and surgery recently done on his leg 

knowing that he will come home tomorrow

because my mom already told the school i wouldn’t be there so i could greet him

but i didnt know that would never happen

i didnt know that this would be the last goodbye

he looks at me through his door and says goodbye bird for the last time

and i gracefully spin and turn and although im exhausted i keep with the beat

as it changes once more to a confusing tribal song

i dance in madness and confusion and hatred

as i remember being woken up from my peaceful rest

one in the morning

hearing that he died in the night

although i was told he was coming home

no one knew how he died

some kind of heart failure related to the accident

no one knew what to do

at this point i start to cry

but the dance in there to hold me and take me into its arms and song

as it plays the fifth and last dance

i stand still

a farewell

i picture saying goodbye

laying in my best friends arms because she knows how i feel

she was as close to him

thanking her for being there for me the whole week

although i know she wouldnt have gone to school anyways

because he heart was breaking too

i see the cast around me dancing in their own worlds

the people who i have learned to call family

i see his face for the last time

the tears drop down the face of an innocent teenager only in eighth grade

but shes there to hold my hand and its okay

together we say one last goodbye

since im too weak at heart to go through it alone

the music starts to die down

they cover the casket with an american flag

my feet start to stop

my sister recites a farewell speech

the dancing stops

his six closest friends carry him out

i drop and lay there

six huge men crying

i lay motionless on that stage

but i still hear a faint beat that seems to never stop

my heart races and my legs ache

im sweating more than ever before

and for at least twenty minutes after we lay there not knowing what to do

secretly wondering what went through the others’ heads as our feet took over for our body

but that is for only the stage to know as michael tells us to take a five minute break before rehearsal starts again


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