So today is the first day of my 23rd year of life… and I feel pretty damn good. Last night when I was blowing out my candle, surrounded by friends that I love, I realized I don’t really want anything more than what I already have. I feel so fortunate to be able to live this life I’ve been living… how could I possibly ask for more?

But this wasn’t all my doing. It didn’t just take a village to raise me… it took a whole damn city. I wouldn’t be this happy if it wasn’t for those people who pulled me through the tough times and showed me that happiness is always an option. Year number 22 was the best year of my life… and I’m sure year 23 will only get better. So for my birthday post, after being treated so well this weekend… I’m going to give a couple shout outs to those who contribute to my happiness…

Lets start with my family… My mom, dad, sister, brother, aunts, uncles and cousins for fostering the wacky and creative side of me & never once telling me I couldn’t do it. To those ‘stand out’  teachers… Bevin Krack Ginty, Laura Mead, Beth DaSilva Roos, Pam O’Neill and Khalil Marrar, for showing me unconditional love and going above and beyond what is required of them as teachers. To the coaches I’ve had through life… Pudgie Delohery, Mr. Harris & Mr. Farmer for teaching me that you won’t get anywhere in life if you’re not a team player. To my creative coaches… Rebekkah Hilgraves, Michael Burnett, Niz and Jay Sukow, for never once doubting my ability, teaching me that I’m my toughest critic and helping me grow both on and off stage. To The Simpsons, Foshays, Neumullers, Mooneys and O’Neills for being my “family”. To Spice Rack for showing me that some of the best people in life are still out there to meet. To Phil Hymes for bringing me onto the set of SNL and forever changing my life. My friends, sorority sisters, coworkers, roommates, improv crew, Demonthoners and Fieldstone Farm family for being the fun in my life. 

My life is nothing but a series of hangouts, wine nights and long chats – all of which contribute to my happiness. I would be nothing without these people… and for that, I thank you with all of my heart. Thank you for raising me into the person I am today. 

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